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Why RE- MERAKI Counselling

  • Client-centered setting 

We appreciate your time and money as well as the bravery it takes to ask for assistance. Every step of the way, we'll be there to help you. At first glance, you know who your true "mental wellbeing partner" is!

  • Morally motivated 

The field of mental health places a strong focus on upholding ethical standards, which includes having a team of qualified specialists and safeguarding client confidentiality. Every step of the way, we make it a point to handle all the little details.

  • Here, your decisions are final. 

Choose the therapist, appointment times, and package that best meets your requirements and financial constraints. If you encounter any problems, we will assist you in solving them.

  • From the convenience of your office or home, a cosy café

To connect with us for your therapy sessions, all you need is a quiet area and your smartphone or laptop.


1.      What is Online Counselling or Online Therapy?

Online therapy, also known as Online Counselling, is a viable alternative to traditional face-to-face treatment settings. All processes take place online, as do the sessions, which are held via various media such as Google Meet, Audio Calls, Chat, and so on. Online therapy or online counselling addresses a wide range of mental health difficulties, including (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, stress, marital troubles, self-esteem issues, work stress, academic stress, and so on.

2.            What are the advantages of Online Therapy?

Online therapy has various benefits, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. In contrast to typical face-to-face settings, an online Counselling setup does not require you to attend anyplace; rather, it may be accessed from anywhere. You save money on travel expenses because you don't have to go anywhere. Online Therapy also provides you with a lot of freedom because you may select an available session based on your schedule.

3.            Who needs Counselling?

Counselling and therapy are for everyone. Some of us wish to get over a few things in life, while others want to improve on a few things. Online therapy is about more than just focusing on the past; it is also about working on the present in order to create a better future. Therapy and counselling are for anyone who wishes to improve their mental health or deal with any type of mental, emotional, or social stress. It's past time to end the stigma.

4.            What to keep in mind during Online Counselling?

During an online Counselling session, there aren't many things to keep in mind. However, a few things must be addressed in order to offer you with a positive experience.

  • Because the entire process of an online mental health Counselling session requires the client and the counsellor to be in a suitable network zone, a solid internet connection and a decent mobile network are essential.
  • Please ensure that you have a decent audio connection (microphone as well as speakers/headphones) before beginning an online treatment session.
  • Please utilise a well-lit environment for video sessions.
  • Keep the session link and any pertinent information handy before the session. To avoid any disturbance, try getting in a comfortable space with the least noise.
  • Try to be in a space where you can maintain your privacy.

5.            How to Talk to a Psychologist Online?

Re-MERAKI Counselling is one such platform where you can talk to a psychologist online, by following a simple 3-Step Process

  • Check the slots and schedule an appointment with the counsellor of your choice.
  • Make the Payment.
  • Receive a confirmation email from Re-MERAKI Counselling and you’re good to go.

6.            Is Re-MERAKI Counselling Online Counselling Confidential and Secure?

One of the most fundamental values at Re-MERAKI Counselling is confidentiality. You can open up about your concerns and trust the therapist to keep them private. This is your safe, non-judgmental environment to express yourself. Re-MERAKI Counselling Online Counselling is completely private and safe. Your basic signup information will be kept private by the Re-MERAKI Counselling staff.

7.            How to find the best therapist near me?

Re-MERAKI Counselling is a group of committed experts who provide ethical services. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance that is tailored to your specific circumstances. You don't have to look for a therapist near you; instead, online counselling services like Re-MERAKI Counselling make it even easier by bringing the entire procedure online.

8.            Is online therapy safe?

One of the primary values that contribute to the existence of Re-MERAKI Counselling is ethics. Our therapists are trained to maintain complete confidentiality, except when they suspect you or anyone else is in danger. Your therapist and you are the only people who can communicate with each other.

9.            What are the different modes of therapy offered at Re-MERAKI Counselling?

Therapists at Re-MERAKI Counselling offer therapy in audio and video format through Google Meet.

10.         How is a Re-MERAKI Counselling session different from a Skype call with friends and family?

Having a chat with friends and family about things that are bothering you almost always relieves a certain load, and rightly so. However, when you meet with a professional at Re-MERAKI Counselling, they are able to guide you through a healing process in which you not only temporarily feel a weight lifted from your chest but also explore aspirations for self-change. Online therapy with Re-MERAKI Counselling is completely confidential, and the therapist is qualified to give you with a safe environment.

11.         How effective is online therapy?

According to research, online therapy or receiving professional therapy services online has proven to be just as successful as regular face-to-face Counselling or even a bit more long-lasting. One of the reasons for this is that people may seek internet therapy from anywhere and do not have to physically travel to the clinic or Counselling set up.

12.         Can my issues be solved in one session?

Therapy entails the investigation and comprehension of long-unresolved, deep-seated emotions and thoughts. In such cases, it is understandable that you may not be able to express everything all at once, and doing so may become overwhelming. It is recommended that you and your therapist proceed at your own pace, with your goals and approach in place. Therapy is not a one-time event, but rather a process that requires time and commitment. The client-therapist relationship also influences how long your therapy will last.

13.         How long does therapy last?

Therapy is a two-way street between you and your therapist. With a solution-focused approach, you unearth and reach the root of the problems to assist you fix the concerns that are causing trouble. Some minor ailments may require 8-10 sessions, while others with long-standing issues may only show results after 10-12 sessions. These are expected figures that do not guarantee a solution within the time frame. While we cannot predict the number of sessions required to completely address your concern, rest assured that the therapists at Re-MERAKI Counselling are solution-focused and work in your best interests.

14.         What sort of issues are handled at Re-MERAKI Counselling?

Re-MERAKI Counselling addresses a wide spectrum of client concerns. Re-MERAKI Counselling therapists may help with procrastination, anger management, self-esteem, self-confidence, relationship, emotional distress, anxiety, bullying, adjustment issues, communication issues, work-related concerns, and other issues.

15.         Are there issues you do not handle at Re-MERAKI Counselling?

Re-MERAKI Counselling is a platform for psychological wellbeing. We do not currently provide crisis intervention. We also do not handle instances involving schizophrenia and/or psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, uncontrollable aggressive conduct that could cause injury to others or self-harm, suicidal ideation, or alcohol or drug intoxication. If you are experiencing such symptoms, we recommend that you get care from the local hospital that offers mental treatment. We are not a medical service or a hotline for suicide prevention. If you are suicidal, we recommend that you dial 910000000, a suicide prevention helpline.

16.         How long does a session last?

One session at Re-MERAKI Counselling is for 50 minutes.

17.         How frequently do I have to take my sessions?

The frequency of sessions is determined by the severity of the problem and the amount of time the therapist and you spend together in each session. Typically, therapists prefer a once-a-week session strategy because it allows clients to reflect on and digest the prior session.

18.         How do I choose my therapist?

All of our therapists may be found by clicking the 'Get to know our therapists' button at the bottom of the 'How can therapy help me page.' You can then select a therapist based on your understanding of their approach as described on that page. To ensure openness, you can also choose your therapist depending on your and their availability, which is apparent before you pay for your appointment. If you have any questions, please contact us at or +91-9582502012.

19.         Can I change my therapist during the course of my therapy?

Changing therapists is usually not recommended during the beginning part of therapy because it takes time to establish certain rapport. However, if you still want to change therapists for whatever reason, please contact us at and we will send you a Therapist Switch Form that you must fill out and submit. Your request will be reviewed, and we will respond within 48-72 hours with the best option available.

20.         What if I am not satisfied with my therapist?

All therapists at Re-MERAKI Counselling have a minimum of a master’s degree in psychology. They have been trained to assist you in proceeding with therapy in an evidence-based scientific approach in order to give you with the greatest therapeutic journey possible. However, we understand that the success of therapy is dependent not only on the process but also on the comfort and rapport you share with your therapist; therefore, if you have any concerns about your therapist, please contact us at or call us at +91-9582502012 so that we can make the best decision for your therapeutic journey. Your request will be considered, and we will respond within 48-72 hours with the best possible solution available.

21.         If I have a small query that I want to be clarified by my therapist, can I do that without booking a session?

You can write to your therapist and based on their understanding they might advise you over e-mail or ask you to schedule a session whichever seems appropriate.

22.         Can I meet my therapist in person for a face-to-face session?

Currently, Re-MERAKI Counselling operates via an online therapy model. We will be pleased to announce the same whenever we go offline with the option of face-to-face meetings. However, face-to-face meetings would cost more than those that take place online.

23.         How do I end therapy?

When the agreed-upon goals have been reached, the therapeutic journey usually comes to an end mutually between the client and the therapist. Termination is a different procedure, and you should discuss it with your therapist if you want to stop attending sessions rather than just deciding to stop one day on your own. Therapy involves a proper termination phase where the therapist will determine whether or not the progress is being sustained over time. Otherwise, there's a potential that once you start to feel better, you'll want to stop your therapy even though the objectives haven't yet been met.

24.         Can I reach out to my therapist in case of an emergency?

Re-MERAKI Counselling is a psychological wellness platform and does not cater to emergencies. We suggest you seek help from the nearest hospital that provides psychiatric treatment. We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, we would suggest you immediately call up a suicide prevention helpline - 

NOTE: We do not deal with clinical diagnoses. Kindly refer to a Clinical Psychologist if you are looking for or have a clinical diagnosis.