Re-Meraki Film Festival

Stories that need to be told

The earliest memories of our childhood that most of us remember are the bedtime stories by our parents or grandparents. Our imagination takes a hundred leaps with just one story. As we grow up, we bond with our friends telling each other stories from home, the stories our parents tell us and the stories we create in our heads. We grow up only to realize that our whole life itself is a thread of such memories and stories that we can always look back at. These tales and fables not only put us to sleep but we've learnt the most important lessons of our lives from those stories. Most of our morals that we believe in all our lives also were taught to us through these stories. That is the importance of a story and the power it possesses.

Re-Meraki believes in that power. We believe that telling stories is the best way to teach, persuade, and even understand ourselves.

Storytelling is an art and an even more elaborated form of this art is filmmaking. Through our films, we bring to you stories that need to be told. Stories which can impact the society, the people and send across a message that can bring the change. If our stories can impact even one life, even one decision of your life then we believe our job is done. Stories are the way we understand and make sense of the world we find ourselves in.

About the Festival

RE-MERAKI Film Festival presents narrative features, documentaries, and short films in the genre of inspirational human journey stories, as well as issues relating to conservation, social and environmental sustainability, and human potential and personal growth. To improve environmental understanding and responsibility via the power of film.

Re-Meraki Film Festival addresses a wide range of issues, including advocacy and conservation, as well as discovery and exploration. Our mission is to entertain, educate, and evolve, as well as to enlighten, collaborate, and inspire people from all walks of life to seek the truth and raise awareness about significant issues. We hope that the festival will raise the voices of people who are working to preserve the beauty of our natural world. 

Our goal is to raise people's consciousness, including our own, and to continue to learn more about all of the major challenges confronting us in this world. We also recognise women's opinions and visions, insisting that equality be a right, not a choice. 

The festival has grown out of voluntary interest of the enthusiasts for nature, culture and films as a media to engage and dialogue. Having organized open screenings of films in the past, the new initiative is volunteer-driven and voluntary in nature. As a virtual festival, the initiative takes films as well as the workshops to young audiences in educational institutions across the country.

Virtual Film Festival

The format of the festival is at the core of the overall experience of every participant, thus, requiring utmost attention during planning. As a virtual event, it is curated to bring the film festival experience to the location/homes of the audience. The student audience receives a web-link on which films and workshops are streamed. A day in a virtual festival would have -

●        Films screening (up to 3 hours)

●        Filmmaker interactions (up to 1/2 hour)

●        Workshops (1/2 hour)

In Person/ Offline Film Festival

The format of the festival is at the core of the overall experience of every participant, thus, requiring utmost attention during planning. It is curated to bring the film festival experience to the location giving the audience a full feel of an actual event physically. A day in a festival would have -

●        Films screening (up to 3/5 hours)

●        Filmmaker interactions (up to 1/2 hour)

●        Workshops (1/2 hour)


·         Wildlife and Conservation

·         Climate Change

·         Environmental Pollution

·         Gender and Equality

·         Sustainability

·         Ways Forward

·         Social Resilience

Benefits to Film-makers and Rights-Holders

In the age of information overload and conflicting messaging, the film festival offers nationwide publicity, targeted access to young audience, and holistic context for appreciating the films – these three key benefits outline the festival’s offer to film-makers and rights-holders. The festival embraces the philosophy and mission of the film-makers that goes into making their films, thus, the festival invites them to associate with Re-Meraki Film Festival as ‘Film Connoisseur’. The film-makers as ‘Film Connoisseur’ can attend festival events happening in their neighbourhood region to represent the spirit of the festival, conduct sessions, and act as member of jury for film contests inviting films from students, in addition to one of their films being screened in the festival.