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Storytelling is an art and an even more elaborated form of this art is filmmaking.
Through our films, we bring to you stories that need to be told.


Re-Meraki Film Festival
Stories that need to be told

Films & Productions

Inspirational human journey stories constitute the subject of our narrative movies, documentaries, and short films.


The company is inspired by the word Meraki. Meraki is an incredible word from the Greek language that describes a way of doing things that is passionate and from the heart.

Meraki literally means "essence of ourselves". Meraki means "something done with one's soul, with creativity, effort and a lot of love".

Re-Meraki (pronounced as Ray- Meraki) is the Pride and Love, the core of Who We Are, the heart of What We Do. Work that lacks meraki is meaningless.

Our goal is to raise people's consciousness, including our own, and to continue to learn more about all the major challenges confronting us in this world. We continue to develop an exciting, collaborative, and diverse network of work for everyone to cherish via our commitment to quality in services, entertainment, education, and community participation.

Re-Meraki is about putting your best foot forward every single day, not about being flawless, as we so frequently attempt to be. It involves presenting as your best self. When you give your full attention to the greatest, the best only gets better.


Talk. Resolve. Heal.

Online Counselling Therapy with Top Psychologists

Anytime, Anywhere, Any device.

Re-MERAKI Counselling is a service platform that offers individual counselling sessions and is Your True Mental Wellbeing Partner.

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